The barcode interface provides rapid data entry facilities using radio frequency barcode scanners. The scanners are used to feed data directly into your data files and can be used to increase speed and accuracy of many of the main functions. Its main use is in the processing of Jobs and other general warehousing functions.

There are a series of default settings to enable you to customise the software to suit your needs. The help text against each default explains the effect of each setting. The software uses hand held scanners that communicate back to a base station, which is plugged into the serial port of one of the computers. You can have an unlimited number of base stations either linked together via RS485 cable, or running independently with each one plugged into the serial port of its own computer. Each base station can run up to six scanners. Each computer that is running a base station will run the Bar Code program which is normally run outside of your system.

Barcoding can be used for most warehousing functions including:

  • Quick Despatch
  • Auto Despatch
  • Issues to Wip
  • Shopfloor operation feedback
  • Tag Stocktake
  • Cycle Stocktake
  • Instant Stock Check
  • Purchase Order Receiving
  • Manufacturing Order Receiving

Barcoding ensures that data is entered accurately and quickly. It can help eliminate the errors that cause the wrong product to be shipped or received. In shop floor control it makes time recording a quick and accurate task, which in turn makes efficiency reporting a viable option.