When an old established company elects to modernise its manufacturing practices, some dramatic changes can occur.


Vicchem has a state-of-the-art chemical manufacturing plant, and develops its own patented proprietary products, some of which are market leaders. WinMAGI has remained its ERP software of choice through times of enormous change and expansion.


I was looking for a software solution which controlled order entry, stock control, manufacturing, and invoicing. The ability to check every step – from the beginning of production to order-delivery – was important.

Baxter Laboratories is a contract manufacturer of prescription and non-prescription pharmaceutical products.  We employ approx. 84 people and produce over 1 million units per month.

I started looking into computer packages designed specifically for the manufacturing industry to take the place of our card inventory system.  As a Therapeutics Goods Laboratory operating under the Code of Good Manufacturing Practises (CGMP) we needed a program that would give accurate batch tracking and recording.  This would include tracking all components used to create the product, clear tracking of Bill of Material changes etc. Throughout my search I found that most programs did not have these facilities and were mainly accounting packages with a manufacturing/inventory package attached.  My understanding is that WinMagi has been designed specifically for the manufacturing industry and it is extremely adaptable to the companies needs.

WinMagi has enabled Baxter Laboratories to grow rapidly.  WinMagi has been able to grow with the company rather than hamper its growth.  I recommend WinMagi to the manufacturing industry as a low cost alternative to many other larger manufacturing programs on the market.