The Warehouse module covers material receipts, issues, shipments, and warehouse management. Bar coded identification labels can be optionally used to identify and track material movement. Hard allocations are used to peg warehouse inventories to orders. Allocations can be automatically made by first in – first out, lot. Or by picking location. The allocation process uses a “trial fit” to optomise the use of available inventory.

Multiple warehouse processing is also supported. The processing of purchase, customer, and production orders is handled through procedures that control the selection, picking and delivery processes.


  • Multiple warehouses & unlimited stocking locations
  • Shipping and receiving control centres
  • Physical inventory and cycle counting
  • Optional bar coded transaction processing
  • Hard allocation of stock inventory
  • Automatic inspection processing
  • Floor stock / backflush support
  • Automatic receiving checklists
  • Automatic shipping paperwork creation

Make to order dispatch. Allows dispatch to proceed even if production is not recorded as complete. Quickship allows you to “ship directly from wip”. The invoice may include lines from different customer orders.