Interactive Production Schedule Board

Our Schedule Board allows a forward finite production schedule to be developed at the operation level. The system uses the following information:

  • Work center / resource availability,
  • Firm production commitments,
  • Relative order priorities and dependencies,
  • Job information on operation setup & run times,
  • Policies on operation overlap / run ahead, and the
  • Production order backlog with required completion dates.

Upon the initial load, the backlog of orders is retrieved and displayed. The system automatically selects for loading all orders that are firm or in process, allowing the operator over-ride the default selection. The schedule board can be loaded one order at a time, or a number of orders can be loaded and scheduled together. Upon completion of the scheduling process, the new start and completion dates are saved


  • Viewing outstanding orders can be controlled by a series of filters which include firm/floating orders, materialsok/not ok, customer/stock orders, on time/late, planned/approved/released
  • Operations can be manually “dragged” to another machine or time period
  • Orders can be colour-coded for easier viewing
  • Order priority can be changed simply
  • The status of materials per order is clearly shown
  • Available working hours per work centre can be amended easily