Online Web Ordering

Intrinsic provides a web interface that connects into your ERP system whilst retaining a high degree of security. Depending on your requirements, you have the ability to make enquiries about your products and their availability, place orders into your system and keep track of the progress of orders.

Internet trading is now a fact of life. Not only does it increase your company’s ability to reach a wider audience but, if a site is well designed, it also gives your customers the ability to make enquiries and to lodge their own requirements without the need for direct interaction with your staff. This frees your staff to use their time more productively and reduces the instances of data entry errors.

In developing our web interface, our main considerations were:

  • Security
  • Response times
  • Real time data

Our solution provides security by:

  • Insulating the client’s system and data from direct access by internet users. A limited subset of the relevant data is stored on a physically different computer
  • Initial login with password verification
  • Data and site protection via encryption and certification if required. Fast response times are achieved by dealing with a smaller subset of data that resides directly on the computer that is being accessed by internet users. Immediacy of the data is controlled by the client. The system can automatically update your data on the web site once a day or once a minute