Unit selling prices inclusive of Sales Tax

Have your staff ever been asked by a customer on the other end of the phone what the unit selling price of an item is INCLUDING tax?

When entering either a sales order line or a sales invoice line, the standard WinMAGI processing will automatically default a Unit Selling Price. This Unit Selling Price is obtained following the standard WinMAGI selling price processing and is exclusive of tax.  Using the Selling Prices inclusive of Tax module, we can now calculate a new ‘Unit Selling Price Inc Tax’ field. The inclusive of tax value is calculated to be the Unit Selling Price multiplied by the prevailing sales tax rate applicable to the sales order or sales invoice line. The main feature of this simple module is the ability for the user to directly enter in the unit selling price value inclusive of tax and have the system automatically calculate the tax amount of the entered value and the tax exclusive unit selling price. This makes for quicker and easier entry of sales order lines if you are quoting tax inclusive selling prices.