WinMAGI update (latest build 7999 – 2 Jan 2014)

General Ledger

Ever entered a batch in GL and only realised that one of the account codes was incorrect AFTER the batch had been posted? Well fear no more. The latest build of WinMAGI allows you to amend the details of an already posted batch, provided the batch is for the current period. New parameter settings in GL control whether the batch can be modified once posted and whether the amendments to the batch are to flow back to AR and or AP if the batch being modified originated from AR or AP.

You can now also associate a bank account with a GL chart of accounts code. This is useful when processing manual journal batches in GL. When the batch is posted, the bank account specified against the account will automatically be setup in the Bank Account field within the batch.

Inventory Control

A new display field in the Inventory Information Centre shows the ‘Unallocated Open Demand’ quantity for the selected item. The demand may be made up of unallocated sales orders and unallocated component requirements in manufacturing orders. It is a quick and easy way to get a better overall view of the stock position of the item.

Inventory Control