WinMAGI updates (Latest Build 8068)

Printing reports to Excel

This latest build of WinMAGI now has the ability to print your reports directly to Excel and then allow you to be able to perform standard Excel type calculations on the data within those reports. You can now also setup the system to directly email reports via SMTP without having Microsoft Outlook open. The updates to the standard printing routines incorporate some great new features.

Popup info centre on GL Account code field

You can now right mouse click on any GL account code field (be it in Sales order entry, AR, AP etc) within a grid and directly perform a GL Info Centre lookup on that account. See also the reference to the ‘Quick Tips’ in the October 2013 newsletter.

Popup info centre for Multi Orders

You can now right mouse click on a line detail field in a grid that may have multiple orders types associated with the line (i.e. A line showing that a manufacturing order may be pegged to a sales order) and select the order type you wish to enquire on.

Sales Order lookup by current user id

A new filter has been introduced into the Sales Order Maintenance screen that limits the display of orders to those orders that were entered by the current user.

WinMAGI update (latest build 8007 – 13 Jan 2014

Record Locking Checking

The record locking routines have been improved to retry again after an initial record lock was found. This will help overcome those occasions where you may have received a ‘record in use’ type message to the screen.

Inventory Drawings

Inventory DarwingsBoth Sales Order Entry and Purchase Order Entry now allow the drawing diagrams of the item in the order detail line to be viewed directly from within order entry. This can be useful if your staff need to see and or describe the item as the order is being raised. A helpful, quick online picture enables them to see and describe what the item is.


Sales Order Entry

SOE Stock CheckA warning screen can now be displayed when entering in a new sales order line if there is expected to be insufficient stock available of the item at the required date.

The system will check the available stock of the entered item and will see what other orders are in the system (both demand and supply orders) and if the system determines that the available stock at the required date will be short, a warning message will be displayed. This option helps you to be proactive when scheduling orders and controlling stock.


WinMAGI update (latest build 7999 – 2 Jan 2014)

General Ledger

Ever entered a batch in GL and only realised that one of the account codes was incorrect AFTER the batch had been posted? Well fear no more. The latest build of WinMAGI allows you to amend the details of an already posted batch, provided the batch is for the current period. New parameter settings in GL control whether the batch can be modified once posted and whether the amendments to the batch are to flow back to AR and or AP if the batch being modified originated from AR or AP.

You can now also associate a bank account with a GL chart of accounts code. This is useful when processing manual journal batches in GL. When the batch is posted, the bank account specified against the account will automatically be setup in the Bank Account field within the batch.

Inventory Control

A new display field in the Inventory Information Centre shows the ‘Unallocated Open Demand’ quantity for the selected item. The demand may be made up of unallocated sales orders and unallocated component requirements in manufacturing orders. It is a quick and easy way to get a better overall view of the stock position of the item.

Inventory Control

WinMAGI update (Latest Build 7989 – 6 Dec 2013)

  1. Inventory Info Centre now shows the stock demand quantity as well as the net available stock.
  2. Improved speed performance when re-indexing/re-building/purging tables.
  3. Ability to see whether the product will be available by the required date when entering a new sales order line.

WinMAGI update (latest build 7931 – 16 Oct 2013)

We’ve all done it. (Well I know that I certainly have). Simply, just wanting to amend an existing WinMAGI report by calling up the report in System Development Facility and instead of answering ‘No’ to the prompt asking if you want to delete the existing version of the report you accidentally answer ‘Yes’ and now find that the report has been deleted. Well, to save some embarrassment, and scrambling through backups, the later builds of WinMAGI now check that you really do want to delete the report before it is actually deleted. As well as having to answer ‘Yes’ to the initial prompt asking if you want to delete the report, WinMAGI now asks if you ‘really’ want to delete it before doing so.


Also, for those clients trading with customers who are invoiced in a foreign currency, but the customer pays in your base currency, there is now the ability to apply the payment received in your base currency to the foreign currency invoices. This means that you do not require a separate bank account to handle these transactions. Your existing AUD bank account can be used to receipt in the payment even when transacting with a foreign currency customer.